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Father's Day Special Packages

Feel your cares melt away as you revel in the pampering treatments of our spa.
It is your time. Time to relax. Time to energize.
Show your dad the love on this Fatherís Day with our amazing Spa Specials.

Fatherís Day Delight

Weíll help you lift that weight off your shoulders and forget about the routine with our back, neck, and scalp massage and a dry hot sauna!
75 minutes:............... $100.00

Melting Down the Stress

Enjoy a great experience of relaxing treatment with Spa Signature Massage and Sauna. Your body will feel rested and your mind at ease for a total pampering experience. Most importantly, this massage will take all your stress away!
1 hour 45 min:........... $135.00

The Perfect "Time Out"

Experience the perfect soothing escape from the stress of your everyday life with Full Body Scrub, Relaxing Massage and Sauna. This treatment is perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells, properly hydrating your body, and energizing it while providing a deep sense of calm. To further pamper you, we will take you on an ultimate adventure in a tropical forest, filled with warm rain from our Vichy Shower and perform a full body Relaxing Massage.
2 hours:..................... $140.00

The Getaway

Thereís nothing more relaxing than pampering your hands with Sport Manicure after Hydrating Facial, relaxing Aromatherapy massage and Sauna. Heavenly treatment with warm paraffin mask will leave your skin soft and smooth.
2 hours 30 min:.......... $175.00

Just For Men

Enjoy Spa Style Massage with Sauna, followed by a Gentlemanís Facial with Deluxe manicure and pedicure. This treatment will give you a soothing sensation of calm relief.
3 hours 30 min:.......... $275.00

Duet Couples Massage and Hydrotherapy Bath

We have a coupleís massage room available for those who would like to enjoy a relaxing massage in company of their loved one. Our clients may choose to immerse themselves in a hot hydrotherapy tub with stream jets prior to receiving their treatment. You may select any type of massage and also enjoy our Aromatherapy Bar.
2 hours:............... $250.00 couple

Lily's Spa Packages

Express Recovery

Recover your body with Sea Mineral Body Scrub in Vichy Shower and relaxing massage. Dry Sauna is included.
2 hours:..................... $165.00

Aroma Relaxation

Relaxing Aromatherapy massage and Hydrating Facial finishing with a Cranial Acupressure massage. Hot Tub is included.
2 hours 15 min:.......... $180.00

Traveler's Retreat

This is a perfect treatment for after flight or car trip when your joints and muscles are still tight and sore. Experience a relaxing Hot Stone massage and Nourishing Facial. Hot Tub or Dry Sauna is included.
2 hours 30 min:.......... $205.00

Blissful Voyage

This package includes a De-Stress Body Treatment followed by a stimulating Hydrotherapy bath. A Signature Spa Massage will conclude your experience and a light lunch is included.
3 hours 30 min:.......... $290.00

Venetian Escape

You will begin by soaking in a hot Hydrotherapy bath while sipping a cool refreshment. Ease your neck and tired eyes with a neck pillow and an eye cover while you relax. Afterwards, you will receive a Signature Spa Massage, a dry heat Sauna, followed by your choice of body-wrap, either a "De-Stress" or a "Detox". Upon arising, a Signature Spa Facial and a Luxury Manicure-Pedicure will conclude your experience. A light lunch is included.
6 hours:..................... $450.00

Bridal Day Spa

This package is specifically designed to prepare you for your big day. It consists of a Salt Body Rub with a Vichy Shower, a Hydrotherapy bath, an Aromatherapy massage, our Signature Spa Facial concluding with a Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure. Prepare to indulge yourself! A light lunch is included.
5 hours:..................... $455.00

Romantic Getaway for Two

This package begins with a heat Sauna, followed by a Salt Body Rub. Afterwards, you will indulge yourself in a Hydrotherapy Tub soak, Aromatherapy Massage, concluding with a Hydrating Facial. A light lunch for two is included.
3 hours 30 min:.......... $520.00 for 2 persons

Custom Spa Getaway

Create your own spa package by selecting any massage, facial, and body treatment or spa nail service. Design your dream escape!

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